I will look for you! I will find you…

I will look for you! I will find you…

…and I will EAT you!

International cuisine!  I love it!  I love the depth of flavour!  Don’t get me wrong, good ole Irish grub is hard to beat too!

Over the past few years Ireland has supported a bit of a boom in international cuisine with a variety of eateries finding their way into our towns and cities!

I have tried most of the ones I love, to some extent, but I want to explore a little bit further into these ‘flavour bombs’!

With the help of my foodie friend Mark, we have set it to be our mission to sample more of them.

Following a brief brainstorm, here are some of the ‘countries’ we would like to visit!  I wish I was actually going to the countries, but heh ho, I’m not! 🙁

Watch this space for the first instalment!!

Feel free to comment with restaurant suggestions (anywhere in Ireland) or if you would like to add another country to the list!

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